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Girl Band

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Girl Band

  • Dance-punk
  • , Noise pop
  • , Experimental rock
  • , Noise rock
  • , Experimental pop
  • , Garage psych
  • , Chamber psych
  • , Irish indie rock
Country: Ireland (IE)
Founded: 2011


Dublin, Ireland The lineup: Dara Kiely (vocals, guitar), Alan Duggan (guitar), Daniel Fox (bass), Adam Faulkner (drums). The background: Girl Band are the latest in a long line of "Girl" bands that includes such notables as Girls, Shy Girls, September Girls and Girl Unit - and that's not even mentioning the "Women" ones such as Women, Woman E and Woman's Hour. Usually when an indie band adopts the female sex (is there an indie band called Female Sex? There ought to be) as part of their moniker there is an element of snarkiness going on

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