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The Haunted

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The Haunted

  • Alternative metal
  • , Metal
  • , Groove metal
  • , Death metal
  • , Melodic metalcore
  • , Melodic death metal
  • , Classic garage rock
  • , Gothenburg metal
  • , Swedish metal
Country: Sweden (SE)
Founded: 1996


There are more than one artist going by the Haunted: 1) The Haunted, a Swedish thrash metal band, formed in Gothenburg, Sweden on 1996. The original members are Witchery guitarist Patrik Jensen, At the Gates twin brothers, bassist Jonas Björler and guitarist Anders Björler, drummer Adrian Erlandsson and singer Peter Dolving. The band released their first album, the self-titled debut The Haunted, in 1998, while signed to Earache Records. Before this, they had released a demo, called Demo '97, in 1997.

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