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Tommy Genesis

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Tommy Genesis

  • Dance pop
  • , Pop
  • , Electropop
  • , Escape room
  • , Trap queen
  • , Hyperpop
  • , Alternative r&b
  • , Bc underground hip hop
  • , Canadian hip hop
Gender: Female
Country: Canada (CA)


Tommy Genesis is not someone you can categorically label. Though her look radiates saccharine femininity, her brand of “fetish rap” boasts a complex aggro-sexuality that challenges anyone looking to undercut her creative authority. Raised in Vancouver, Canada by a South Indian father and Scandinavian mother, Tommy is a figure laden with contradictions. At first glance, the artist has all the trappings of a bonafide pop darling; a doe-eyed beauty with ombré curls and a penchant for pleated skirts

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