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If I Were You

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If I Were You

  • Christian rock
  • , Melodic hardcore
  • , Melodic metalcore
  • , Metalcore
  • , Post-post-hardcore
  • , Post-screamo
Country: Poughkeepsie ()
Founded: 2011-03-20


If I Were You is a post-hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, NY. Their debut album "End Of An Era" will be available in January/February 2013. Just some normal dudes with a passion for music. everything we create is for you guys, our fans. we would be nothing without you amazing people. Thanks for all your support and love! Kyle Strang - Vocals Daniel Conklin - Guitar Randy Pasquarella - Drums/Vocals James Russell - Bass http://www.facebook.com/ifiw3r3you Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/ifiw3r3you Listen to our music: purevolume.com/iiwy

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